A Taste Of Things To Come​.​.​.

by Hired Goons

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    This collection encompasses highlights of various versions of the CD's that were sold at HG shows in the early 2000's, as well as a few extra hidden gems that have never been heard before outside of the crew.

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Fletchrock & Myself linked up with Tornts sometime in the late 90's. We freestyled a lot, often rocked shows together, but had no means of recording or releasing any of our songs. During that time I was also performing shows with Reason, who had recorded "Solid" with Jolz. The three of us arranged some "studio" time in Jolz's flat to lay down "Every Drop", "Bag It", "Carnage" & "Dirt". Some of these songs had already been around for a while, but this was long before the proliferation of affordable home recording equipment & none of us grew up using or owning computers. I was heading over to Adelaide for the "Culture of Kings #1" launch (late 2000 i think?) with Reason & Pegz, so decided that I should put some of these tracks on a tape or CD & hustle them to punters & performers at the event. Due to our lack of computer access I had to resort to the local paper & found a sketchy character a few suburbs away who offered small-run CD replication services. He ended up being some smug retiree who just burnt the discs off one at a time in his sprawling mansion. I had to pay this bloke $8.00 a disc as well!!! Beggars can't be choosers. My mate Evets designed the original cover featuring some yank bogans drinking beer bongs & the MCG on the back. I familiarised myself with the colour photocopiers at officeworks & ended up with about 25- 30 of the first edition which was promptly sold & distributed.

DJ Fokus was spinning for us at local shows & procured a CD burner shortly afterwards. He added a few of his instrumental/scratch tracks on to the end of the disc & Fletchrock designed the "Beer Bottle" front cover, which was on the second updated version of the release.

Tornts released "Adding insult to injury" a year or so later, so once again we reconfigured & expanded the track-listing to include some skits & freestlyes recorded live on the radio in early 2002, some live recordings of Myself in an MC battle, "Focus" recorded for something DJ Fokus was working on & "You ain't nuthin'" which was also the first track on"Adding insult to injury". By this stage we had formed HG, so we renamed the disc "Hired Goons" & branded it with Fletchrock's tag on the front cover.

This selection does not include absolutely everything that appeared on the various original versions of this release. Several of the tracks / freestyles / battles / instrumentals were unique to particular editions, but the core tracks remain, as well as several previously unreleased recordings.



released January 1, 2000




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